skateboard For 8 Year Old

Best Skateboard For 8 Year Old

This article contains the real-life experience that I have had while looking for the best beginner skateboard for my 8 year old. With the growing fascination with skateboards my son somehow got enthusiastic about skateboarding.

There is no way I could avoid so I had to start the search for finding him the best skateboard he can begin with. I wanted to share my experience and thoughts with others who are also looking for the best skateboard for 8 year old beginner kid.

Best Skateboard For 8 Year Old

After researching through some of the digital contents and getting suggestions from other skaters, it took me to consider few things before buying one.

  • Correct size : After a fair bit of research I came to know that there are few different sizes of skateboard decks available in the market like 32’’/31’’/28’’/27’’ etc. But from a well-thought viewpoint, I found that it is wise to go with the relatively shorter ones meaning the mini cruiser ones as they provide safe and superior control for the beginner kids.
  • Construction: Similarly I found there are some different kinds of materials the decks are made of. Out of which I felt Canadian maple wood, injection molded plastic and bamboo are the top materials. Although the mini cruisers are mainly plastic decks.
  • Quality components: There are also different quality and specifications available for the skateboard components like the wheels, trucks, bearings etc. These need to have a very decent specification for the skateboards for 8 year old kid.
  • Budget: It is always important how much money you are willing to pay to get something. Generally, you get what you pay for. The budget and mediocre skateboards can work fine but if you want something premium and more durable then you might have to count a few more coins to spend.

Considering these facts and some of the user reviews I thought to make my purchase based on –

  • Mini Skateboards: I have gone for Smaller size skateboard than the regular ones mainly 27/28-inch ones mini cruisers that will give me kid a better to grab to have over and also provide portability due to the lightweight and compact size.
  • Construction: These mini skateboards are made of either bamboo or plastic whereas the regular ones use maple, bamboo or carbon-fiberglass in construction. My skateboards in the list are made of plastic due to the fact they are lightweight in nature yet sturdy enough for my kid.
  • Quality: Quality does matter the most when it comes to getting the best skateboard for 8 year old. So I have gone for the one high-quality components.
  • Cool graphics and design: Graphics and design you will surely consider when it is about getting something for your child to start this extreme sports with. I have chosen something that looks cool and allows him to show off to stand out from the crowd.
  • Price: Price can be a big issue for some but for me, it was more important to get the best one for my child even if I have to pay some more bucks. I was thinking to get something around $120 to get.

So keeping in mind all these factors I finally purchased two best-suited skateboards for 8 year old kid. Buying an extra one gives the other kids in the family to have a go in skateboarding.

Although these two differed in a few things like the size or the deck construction, I actually wanted to make sure which skateboard my kid likes the most.

These 2 top-rated skateboards for me are :

1. SkateXS Beginners Pirate Street Skateboard

SkateXS Beginner Pirate Street Skateboard - best skateboard for 8 year old

The SkateXS Beginner Pirate Street Skateboard deserves to be the top choice for being my kid’s skateboard. It meets all the skate shop standards. This is a high standard set up with perfect design and size for the kids.

It allows your kid to have a balanced ride. It is a great choice to get your child into skateboarding. The SkateXS bamboo deck is made of high-quality bamboo and is lightweight, durable, and sustainable.

It is built to professional standard and one of the best in kids category. This Beginner Street Complete is professionally assembled and comes ready to ride straightway. I strongly recommend and think it is the best skateboard for 8 year old.

Specs :
  • Deck: 28” x 7”, SkateXS Bamboo Deck
  • Trucks: Polished Aluminum Trucks
  • Bearings: Standard Abec 7 Bearings
  • Wheels: 53mm 90A Wheels
  • Grip Tape: Jessup Grip Tape
Advantages :
  • The high-quality bamboo deck is safe and sturdy
  • Compact size for kids
  • Softer and smaller wheels for the better riding experience
  • High-quality Jessup grip tape
  • Comes with personalized colors and designs 
Disadvantage :
  • The deck is shorter than the regular sized ones but slightly larger than the normal mini cruisers, not suitable for one who needs the big one.

What People Think About It :

This is one of the best skateboard for 8 year old. People rate it 5 out of 5 for their great built quality and customer service. It seemed the same to me and there is no way I can differ as everything is just fine about it. 

How My Kid’s Experience Was :

My 8-year son was on top of the world when he got it as a gift from me. He loved the pirate design so much. The size of the skateboard also suited him very much. The rolling and everything was just smooth for him. We all are happy having been bought this.

2. Penny 27″ Cruiser Nickel Complete Skateboard

Penny Nickel Classic - best skateboard for 8 year old

I have heard a lot about the penny boards. While I was coming through the lots of discussions I found it would be helpful to go for a penny board for my 8 year old. If you are the one who likes things to be compact thinks it could be easier for kids to handle, then the skateboard from Penny original is ready to do your job and can prove to be a great delight for your kid.

It is one of the popular brands and their Penny Cruise Nickel is one of their most sought-after skateboards. The top-level skateboarders also promote this brand. So I realized how good it can be for my kid.

It ensures your kid’s fun ride and is portable to be taken anywhere to teach your child about skating. So look no further as this is one of the best skateboards for 8 year old kids.

Specs :
  • Deck: 27” x 6”, High-quality plastic El Barto board (also available in 22’’ version)
  • Trucks: Colorful Aluminum Trucks
  • Bearings: Standard Abec 7 Bearings
  • Wheels: 59mm 83A soft and larger wheels for rough surfaces
Advantages :
  • Skateboard components like deck, wheels, trucks, and bearings consist of high-quality materials
  • Premium plastic deck with waffle top featuring anti-slip for stable riding for the starters and kids
  • The shorter deck makes is easily portable
  • Smooth rolling with great wheels
  • Good bearings for a decent ride, less noisy
  • Cool graphics and cartoon loveable to kids
Disadvantage :                                                  
  • Painting quality looks to be ordinary
  • Not suitable for one with a large body and weight

What People Think About It :

This is a most heard skateboard name in the people’s mouth which made me think anything from Penny would be great, and it is. People rate it 4.3 out of 5, where maximum people are happy with while some who are big enough for a big skateboard expressed some kinds of complaints. Overall, seems to be satisfactory.

What My Kid Thinks About It :

This is the second option my kid has and like the other one, he is even happy with this one. It’s a ride home from school and takes it out in the afternoon for sports with his friends The size, design, and everything seem to be great. Indeed, this is one of the best skateboards for 8 year old that I could get.

Final Words :

Earlier I was thinking if I should go for one and not two, but later I thought I should have one spare skateboard in case one gets damaged and also it will give chance to other kids of the family to roll on. After having the SkateXS and Penny skateboards I feel very happy as my kid loved both of them.

Apart from these, you will find some other skateboards as well but I felt these are the best skateboard for 8 year old and they are worth reviewing.

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