Cheap Skateboards

Cheap Skateboard

Are you planning to start skateboarding but do not have a big budget? Don’t worry; getting a cheap skateboard still ensuring a pretty decent quality is very much possible. A cheap skateboard basically means to be cost-effective but not cheaply made. As skateboarding is an extreme sport, you just cannot buy anything cheap as it can be dangerous for you. Here we have provided a list of the best budget skateboards based on different aspects like quality, decent price, and customer reviews.

At the same time, you will have to remember you cannot just compare those with the expensive professional level ones rather you just need to check whether they are good enough to enjoy regular skateboarding. You can get almost everything with a cheap skateboard if you are mindful of some important features. Although, you might have to compromise with few features as well.

Best Five Cheap Skateboard

Features That Are Available In A Cheap Skateboard :

  • Professional Assembly: Assembly of these skateboards done in professional standards. We have listed the high-standard preassembled skateboards in this list.
  • Good Deck Construction: Deck is one of the most important things in a skateboard; All the listed skateboard’s deck construction consists of either Canadian maple or high-quality plastic.
  • Good Grip Tape: Good quality grip tape is also a very important thing as it grips your shoes for a stable ride. These skateboards come with good quality grip tape.
  • Metal Trucks: Trucks hold the wheels to the deck and allows the rider to turn; trucks made of aluminum metal for heavy-duty riding.
  • Wheels: These skateboard wheels made of decent quality urethane or polyurethane and available in different sizes according to the need of the riders.
  • Bearings: Bearings is a big issue for speedy and smooth riding although bearings become an issue at times. Generally, these skateboards use ABEC 7 bearings which are decent enough.
  • Decent Design: Despite being cheap these skateboards are pretty well designed. You can have these skateboards to compete with some of the great ones in terms of design.

Features That Might Be Unavailable In A Cheap Skateboard :

  • Exclusive Design: Some of the budget skateboards come with an average design yet good quality. So you might need to compromise with the design in order to keep it in your range.
  • Performance & Durability: Some components like wheels and bearings generally seem to have performance & durability issues in a cheap skateboard. They do not seem to perform expectedly and often need replacements.

Based on such facts we get the chance of presenting you the best budget skateboards that provide good quality performances. By saying cheap or budget skateboards we assume that you are looking for the skateboards pricing  in the range of 25$-50$. We have listed 5 best budget skateboards.

KPC Pro Skateboard Complete
Punisher Skateboards 9001 Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard
MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard
Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard
PUENTE 31 Inch Complete Skateboard

To help you choose the ideal skateboard within the budget, please go through the details we’ve put on about each of the skateboards on the list. This will be helpful for you to compare and finally choose your desired one.

Budget Friendly Complete Skateboards :

Regular size skateboards are the most sought-after skateboards for the skateboard lovers. It comes with a wide deck and different features suited to any skill level. These skateboards are available in a different price range from very expensive to the cheapest ones. But here we are discussing 5 best skateboards that are budget-friendly yet provide a great user experience.

1. KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

kpc pro skateboard complete - cheap skateboard

The KPC Series Pro Skateboard is a great skateboard loved by the pro skateboarders. The KPC series from Krown is a next level skateboard for it’s stronger built. This model is perfectly suited to good skaters and the one who is looking for an upgrade from the rookies. The pro features a modern concave deck and high-quality components at a very reasonable price that makes it one of a kind for a cheap skateboard having a good quality.

Pros :
  • ASSEMBLY: This board is professionally assembled and ready-to-ride straight away
  • DECK CONSTRUCTION: Wide deck constructed with Canadian maple
  • DESIGN: Beautifully designed with Ace of Spades that comes in a variety of colors
  • GRIP TAPE: Good quality black grip tape
  • WHEELS: High-rebound 52mm urethane Krown wheels slightly smaller & softer good for street skating
  • BEARINGS: Standard ABEC 7 bearings for precision speed
  • SUITABILITY: These boards are suitable for every range from beginner to pro
Cons :
  • WHEELS & BEARINGS: Wheels and bearings might need customization or replacements

Price :

  • 36$ + Free shipping

check price - cheap skateboard

2. Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Board

Punisher Skateboards Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard - cheap skateboard


It’s a great budget board from the well-known skateboard brand Punisher. Deck construction consists of high-quality Canadian maple.  It has quality craftsmanship at an affordable price. It comes with features that are comparable with the pro skateboards. The design is also colorful and attractive.

Pros :
  • ASSEMBLY: This board is professionally assembled.
  • DECK CONSTRUCTION: Canadian maple double kickboard skateboard with concave profile deck
  • GRIP TAPE: Black heavy-duty grip tape for safe riding
  • WHEELS: 54mm PU wheels
  • BEARINGS: High-speed ABEC 7 wheel bearings
  • TRUCKS: Heavy-duty alloy trucks
  • COLORFUL DESIGN: The full-color attractive design
Cons :
  • BEARINGS: Bearings need to be upgraded for a smoother ride

Price :

  • 49.49$

check price - cheap skateboard

3. Minority Maple Skateboard Sunset


minority maple skateboard sunset - cheap skateboard

If you are looking for a classic skateboard at a budget price then, Minority is the ideal one for you. It comes with great durability and safety measures for the riders. High-quality wheels, trucks, and deck make it a great one for skateboarding. It also comes in a variety of styles and graphics that make it more than a cheap skateboard.

Pros :
  • ASSEMBLY: Professional assembled
  • DECK CONSTRUCTION: Pure 7-ply maple deck
  • WHEELS: High-rebound 102A PU wheels
  • BEARINGS: High-speed ABEC 9 bearings
  • TRUCKS: Aluminum alloy trucks
  • DESIGN: Smart and versatile design
Cons :
  • QUALITY CONTROL: Quality control of the products should be emphasized by the manufacturer

Price :

  • 39.99$

check price - cheap skateboard

4. Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard


krown rookie - cheap skateboard

This is a popular skateboard from the reputed brand Krown. This narrow and lightweight model is the perfect size for all range of skaters. The rookie is a strongly built skateboard with all the regular features. If you looking for one cheap and budget-friendly skateboard then much to your delight we can say that this is one of the best budget skateboards we have on our list.

Pros :
  • ASSEMBLY: Comes fully assembled with professional standards
  • DECK CONSTRUCTION: Canadian maple construction standard sized deck
  • WHEELS: 52mm 99A high-rebound wheels with Krown graphics
  • TRUCKS: Aluminum trucks for heavy-duty riding
  • DESIGN: Available in various cool graphics and colors
Cons :                                                     
  • TRUCKS, WHEELS & BEARINGS: Some face issues with the trucks, wheels, and bearings

Price :

  • 33$ +Free shipping

check price - cheap skateboard

5. PUENTE 31 Inch Complete Skateboard


PUENTE 31 Inch Complete Skateboard - cheap skateboard

Puente complete board is one of the best budget skateboards on the list. This is a laminated board that offers durability and flexibility all in one. This is a great skateboard with solid build quality for the budget price. You can say that this is a cheap skateboard that is not cheaply made.

Pros :
  • ASSEMBLY: Our complete skateboard comes preassembled with all the necessary components
  • DECK CONSTRUCTION: 7-layer ply Canadian Maple double kick skateboard design for making tricks easier
  • WHEELS: High-resilient 95A anti-slip wheel
  • BEARINGS: High-speed ABEC 9 bearings
  • TRUCKS: Magnesium aluminum alloy truck
  • SUITABILITY: The skateboard is suitable for any level of riders who wants to enjoy outdoor skateboarding.
Cons :
  • BEARINGS: The bearings may need replacements for a better performance

Price :

  • 38.99$

check price - cheap skateboard


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