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Good Skateboards For Beginners

Cruising with a skateboard isn’t just gutsy and fun yet a technique for efficient transportation. We see mature from college students to parents of two kids; want to start getting around for sporting and roaming experience with skateboards. Skateboarding for beginners can be thrilling and dangerous at the same time. To avoid these dangers, it’s important to pick the right kind of good skateboards for beginners before learning different tricks and techniques to hop on it.

Newbies have to face different challenges in skateboarding. In this skateboard buying guide for beginners, we have tried our best to help you find the ideal one for a great opening to your skateboarding experience.

If you are a starter in skateboarding, looking for well-versed opinion for buying good skateboards for beginners, then this is the right place for you to find the detailed discussions, reviews, and well-thought opinions on this topic. We hope that our sincere efforts will help you decide which skateboard you should adopt good skateboards for beginners.

Product Comparison :

After hours of research considering various factors alongside product reviews, ratings and pricing; we bring the top 10 skateboards available in the market for mature beginners. But before getting into the details of the article let’s have a quick look at the comparison table of our top 10 picks. This list will give you the ideas about the brands, sizes, designs, durability and other features of the skateboard.

Buying a Good Skateboards For Beginners : Things You Need To Consider

When buying something that you are not familiar with, you need some points to start your research from. There are certain things you need to be aware of before buying a skateboard as a beginner. Below we have listed few such factors :-

Size :

Firstly, the size of the skateboard is a very crucial factor. Each skateboard is actually built in such a way that its shape, length, and width perfectly meet your body, weight, and height. So, as a beginner, you need to go for one that actually suits your body type. It is highly recommended to begin with a deck, which is around 8-inch wide and 30-inch long for an added safety factor.

A wider one than this would make your tricks learning complex, so around 8 inches width would be a perfect one to go for.

Trucks :

Trucks are also something you need to consider before buying the right skateboard. The metal trucks are the ones you need to choose and the size of the truck should be proportionate to the size of the deck. Riding would be difficult if the trucks are narrower compared to the deck size.

Bushings :

The bushings on the skateboard are also important look out. If the bushings are sturdy, the ride will be more stable but will make it more difficult to turn. The softer bushings are responsive yet little unstable. If you want to choose soft bushing then you need to be little more careful as a beginner.

Deck Material :

Deck material is also needed to be checked. Decks are typically made of wood or plastic, but some manufacturer use other materials like fiberglass, carbon etc. Although wood, especially maple wood is the most common choice for skateboards though there are some popular plastic boards available on the market as well.

Wooden skateboards are chosen by most adults though; few choose the plastic skateboards like Penny board which look rather childish to some adults. The other ones which are made of carbon or fiberglass are a bit expensive and as a beginner, you might not be looking for these.

Grip Tape :

There is a material used on the top of the deck known as grip tape. It is a textured surface that controls your feet sliding while riding a skate. Being a beginner you should look for a grip-tape made with high-quality or something which can be visibly textured such as waffle top to get the extra stability.

Shape :

The shape of the deck also needs consideration. You need to find a concavely shaped deck where manufacturers raise the nose and tail of the deck slightly. It’s a very common shape, this allows the riders to learn kick tricks easily. Deeper concave allows more dramatic tricks. Yet, the deeper concave shape makes it less stable board for the beginners.

Wheel :

Wheels of your skateboard are something to be taken care of. Skateboard wheels are available in different sizes, materials, features, and shapes. The most available wheel type is the solid plastic wheel. For beginners the ‘90a’ wheels are great. If you become professional skater someday then you can choose harder wheels that are up to 100a level, because it provides better ‘pop’ for tricks and turns. Beginners should go for wheels somewhere between 90a to 97a.

For learning tips and trick smaller wheels are preferred as the board remains as close as possible to the ground. Although beginners need to learn controlling first which is easier with bigger wheels with higher diameter. Larger wheels are more like the training wheels for the beginners. To slow things down, you can go for slightly softer wheels.

Skateboard Type :

Based on assembling, there are two types of skateboards which you need to have some knowledge about. The complete skateboards and the custom skateboards are the two types of skateboards; where complete skateboards are fully pre-assembled and custom skateboards are un-assembled.

If you do not want to bother about assembling the board and just want to buy and ride then you have to go for the complete skateboards. On the other hand, if you want to learn to assemble a skateboard or to customize it then the custom boards are the go-to for you.

Design :

Design of the skateboard is another thing to watch out before buying a new skateboard. Skateboards are designed in different styles and artworks according to the smart nature of the sport.  You can choose any design that suits your personality unless you do not compromise on the quality of the board.

Price :

Price is one of the most vital factors before buying a beginner skateboard. If you are planning to learn the basic skateboarding skills then you need not go for anything expensive rather find something budget-friendly. These type of boards will let you get familiarized with the ins and out of skateboarding and make your learning easier. Once you get yourself familiarized with it then you can buy something pro without bothering the budget.

To conclude, we hope you have an understanding of these primary factors of your decision-making process to buy the best beginner skateboard.

Insights into the top 10 good skateboards for  beginners :

The following section is designed to get you through the insights into our top 10 picks of beginners’ skateboards. To decide on an item we help you knowing the features, pros-cons, and reviews of each item so that you can finally come up with your desired one.

1. Powell Golden Dragon Complete Skateboard


Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon 2 Complete Skateboard - good skateboards for beginners

The Golden Dragon from Powell Peralta is the most popular choice for beginners. Being a pioneer in the market it also has amazing features and affordable price which makes it one of the most demanding skateboards. Beginners love it as for its smoothly rolled wheels, larger deck and soft truck bushing that makes skating experience super easy.

But for the price, which might look on the higher side but considering the durability of the components, this should look like a quality choice. The manufacturer’s reputation to go with user’s extraordinary reviews and ratings makes it the perfect choice for you for buying a brand new skateboard.

Features :

  • Affordable and durable
  • Standard deck size of 31.625’’ x 7.625’’
  • High-rebound polyurethane wheels are hand-cast, great grip and rolling for a balanced ride.
  • Ligament strap is an important safety feature
  • Soft trucks bushing adjusts with body weight

What Do Customers Have to Say :

A Number of positive reviews from the customers make it a standalone skateboard for beginners. The Powell Golden Dragon Skateboard has a great customer average rating that proves the customer satisfaction to it. It has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 which is phenomenal.

Lord Otter who made a verified purchase of the skateboard as a beginner found its board, bearings, wheels and trucks solidly built. The dragon was also appealing to him.

Pros :
  • Robust plyometric strap
  • High-rebound smooth wheels
  • Affordable and durable
Cons :
  • Maybe A little bit fast for newbies

Our Opinion :

From a beginner’s point of view, it is always safe to start with a product from a quality vendor who has years of experience. Powell-Peralta Golden Dragon Complete Skateboard does total justice to the brand strength and it definitely deserves to top our list.

check price - good skateboards for beginners

2. Enjoi Whitey Panda

pada - good skateboards for beginners

The Enjoi is a well-known brand in skateboard field. It is a very decent entry level board, made to professional standards. You can ride this board in the streets, parks or anywhere you want. Great for beginners because learning tricks are way easier for its efficiently made deck which offers proper concave, curvature, and pop needed for learning such tricks.

Lightweight trucks and perfect wheels help the cause even more. If you are a beginner and want to explore anything and everything with the magic of skateboards then, this definitely has to be your choice. Cool artwork gives it an extra point for being the smart rider’s choice.It allows for customization with easy assembly techniques.

Features :

  • Heavy-duty aluminum yet lightweight in nature
  • Concave maple deck of 31.5’’ x 7.75’’ offering required curvature and pop for learning tricks
  • A consistent method of construction with High-quality trucks and wheels
  • Un-assembled and Customizable

What Do Customers Have to Say :

In terms of being the beginner skateboard, Enjoi Whitey Panda got mostly positive reviews from the users. This shows people are satisfied mainly for its great quality.

It has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. Django Fett, a verified customer thinks it’s perfect for the price and beginners should not look further. He also added that the trucks, bearings, and wheels were liked by him and put its status above Walmart.

Pros :
  • Reputed brand with top quality components
  • User-friendly deck for skateboarding
  • Customizable according to demand
  • Easy to assemble
Cons :
  • Un-assembled

Our Opinion :

If you are looking to learn about skateboards from scratch; starting with the assembly techniques to learn different riding tricks then, this will be a great choice for you.

If you want your board fully pre-assembled then this is not the one you are looking for. Bearings of this board are another issue although they can be customized easily. All in all, a good one for this price for beginners.

check price - good skateboards for beginners

3. Landwalker Pro Cruiser Complete Skateboard

Landwalker Pro Cruiser Complete - good skateboards for beginners

If you are looking to get a budget-friendly skateboard to begin with, then go for Landwalker Pro Cruiser. It is a very cost-effective skateboard with amazing features and a high-quality double kick skateboard suitable for every age range. This is strongly built with high-quality alloy wheels, trucks and deck.

You can start your riding with a sense of safety due to its non-slip deck. It is beautifully designed with Landwalker logo. It comes fully pre-assembled and with a 1-year warranty to make the user experience better.

Features :

  • Crafted with 8 layer maple
  • Dual concave double kick deck
  • Aluminum trucks and bases
  • Soft bushings
  • Attractive design

What Do Customers Have to Say :

Almost everyone is becoming a fan of this product. Landwalker Pro Cruiser is getting great reviews and ratings from customers, proving it to be one of the best in the business. Its average rating is 4.5 out of 5. It seems to be a great choice for beginners.

The verified customer Feya is very impressed with this skateboard as she was looking for such decent quality beginner skateboard that comes at a low price. She also found it smooth and stable while riding and the graphics was of high-quality colors.

Pros :
  • Double kick skateboard for best feet positioning and control
  • Safely designed deck
  • Super smooth wheels
  • Anti-shock
  • Warranty
Cons :
  • Skateboard wheels and bearing might not be that good for some

Our Opinion :

This is an excellent skateboard in this budget. You cannot ask for anything better in this price range. It’s a complete board with safely designed deck and also comes with a warranty; so what else do you need in a budget-friendly beginner skateboard.

check price - good skateboards for beginners

4. Penny Nickel Fade Complete Skateboard

Landwalker Pro Cruiser Complete - good skateboards for beginners

Penny is a favorite brand to a lot of skateboard beginners. The ones who like the short deck, Penny Nickel Fade is their type skateboard. It is portable and fits almost everything. A waffle top on the deck gives an extra grip and stability for the rider.

It is built with a durable plastic material with High-quality trucks and wheels. It’s good for commuting yet not suitable for stunts or speedy skating.

Features :

  • Pre-assembled
  • Short deck board
  • Lightweight durable plastic
  • Waffle top on the deck for extra grip
  • Great for beginners interested in commuting and not stunting

What Do Customers Have to Say :

We found mostly positive reviews for Penny Nickel Fade. Customers generally think it’s a great skateboard. It has got a great average rating point of 4.5 out of 5. From customer reviews, user satisfaction is visible and young are considering it for regular commuting.

MoshabeerH.who made a verified Amazon purchase had an immediate ride after getting the package and experienced a super smooth easy to turn ride which he was looking for.

Pros :
  • Short deck
  • Portable
  • High-quality trucks and wheels
  • Waffle top on the deck
Cons :
  • Short deck
  • Not suitable for stunt riding

Our Opinion :

It is the only penny board in our list we suggested for beginners. If you are looking for something small and portable which you can use for regular commuting then this one is perfect for you.

It is assumed that you are not going to attempt stunts as a beginner, but if you do then this might not be your type.

check price - good skateboards for beginners

5. Minority Maple Skateboard Sunset

MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard- good skateboards for beginners

If you are looking for a classic one to start your skateboarding then-Minority is the right one for you. This is extremely durable and makes trick riding way easier.  It is built with safety measures for the beginners.

High-quality components like wheels, trucks, and deck make it a fantastic board for riding on and off the street. It is one of the few boards on the list that comes with a number of styles and graphics.

Features :

  • Symmetric shape
  • Aluminum trucks
  • Medium concave deck
  • Classic, smart and versatile design

What Do Customers Have to Say :

Minority brand has been liked by skateboard lovers, especially by the ones who want it to step into this field seriously. 4.4 out of 5, is an excellent rating that shows how good it is in its price range.

Verified customer Arlene Padilla reviewed it as a nice board with solid deck and trucks. She found the bearings and wheels mediocre level. She expressed her overall satisfaction for the board and thinks it is definitely worthy for the beginners although, customer service was an issue for her.

Pros :
  • Environment-friendly built style
  • Comfortable deck
  • Solid trucks
  • Beautiful and durable graphics
  • Designed for stable riding
Cons :
  • Quality control should be emphasized

Our Opinion :

The Minority has a great reputation for its build quality. With beautiful design and quality components, this can easily be your choice for starting your ride with. The only thing that you may dislike is their quality control and customer service while delivering the product.

check price - good skateboards for beginners

6. Punisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive

Punisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive Complete- good skateboards for beginners

Punisher, one of the latest entries in the skateboard market has left their mark for their unique designs and durable components in affordable price. If you are a young looking to start skateboarding then Punisher Butterfly Jive is for you. It is suitable for nearly every age range. Along with great visual design, it also comes with all the necessary features any beginner looks for.

Good quality of bearings and wheels with reinforced trucks is strong enough to begin their skateboarding. Due to its lightweight rider can learn tricks easily and make a smooth journey even on the bumpy roads.

Features :

  • Beautifully printed design
  • Canadian Maple double kick concave deck
  • Heavy-duty alloy trucks
  • 54 x 36mm wheel
  • Manufacturer’s warranty for 30 days 

What Do Customers Have to Say :

Punisher Butterfly Jive gets pretty good reviews from its buyers. It has got a rating of 4.1 out of 5 which is very good. People praising it mostly for its design and build quality, whereas few are critical about its bearing and felt that it could have been better.

Steve, a verified purchaser who bought this for his niece was happy with the product. The reason he is happy because his niece has been using it for different tricks and is working great. He recommended saying you won’t regret buying it.

Pros :
  • High-quality component
  • Original graphic design
  • Specifications meet beginner’s requirement
  • Comes with warranty
  • Heavy-duty grip tape
Cons :
  • Bearings could be better

Our Opinion :

It seems a very good one for the beginner as it is built with strong and sturdy components keeping in mind.

check price - good skateboards for beginners

7. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon 2

Punisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive Complete- good skateboards for beginners

The Golden Dragon 2 is the sequel to their most sought-after first model. High-quality built style from reputed manufacturer gives it an extra scope for being the beginner’s choice.

Concave deck with attractive dragon design makes it worthy of a choice for regular skateboarding. Its durability strength is shown up as it comes with a warranty. If you are looking for great quality and brand strength then this is probably for you.

Features :

  • Pioneer in the market
  • High-quality components like wheels, trucks etc.
  • Concave deck with a standard size of 31.625’’ x 7.625’’
  • Metal board for heavy-duty riding

What Do Customers Have to Say :

Powell Peralta does justice with their brand by bringing quality skateboards like Dragon 2. It got an amazing response and ratings. The Powell Golden Dragon 2 got an average rating of 4 on 5.

Most people think it is great for starting skateboarding although some of them are critical about the packaging considering the package box was not enough large for the skates. Other than that the product got good reviews overall.

One of the verified Amazon Customer was very happy with the board saying he loved it. He liked the board itself but was a bit disappointed with its poor packaging.

Pros :
  • High-quality components
  • Concave deck
  • Great trademark dragon design
  • Comes with a warranty
Cons :
  • Maybe A little bit too fast
  • The poor packaging of the product while delivery

Our Opinion :

If you are planning to take skateboarding seriously and need a heavy-duty board then this is a very good product for the beginners. The packaging is slightly criticized by some but apart of that, the board itself is very good.

check price - good skateboards for beginners

8. Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Board

Punisher Skateboards 9001 Cherry Blossom - good skateboards for beginners

Here is another one from Punisher, now it’s the Cherry Blossom Complete Board. It’s a complete High-quality double kickboard made of Canadian maple. Mild concave design provides superior control for riders especially the newbies.

It has quality craftsmanship at an efficient price. It comes with features compared with the expensive ones. The full-color attractive design will make it your personal favorite to start your skateboarding experience.

Features :

  • Double kickboard skateboard
  • Concave deck profile
  • High-speed wheel bearings
  • Heavy-duty alloy trucks
  • The full-color attractive design

What Do Customers Have to Says :

It is tagged as a pretty nice beginner board from most of the users. An average rating of 4 out of 5 proves it to be a pretty decent one for skateboarding experience.

We can hear a fair review from an Amazon Customer who bought it on clearance and thinks it is definitely worth it. He praised its solidly built deck that had a decent pop though he has to replace the wheels and bearings.

Pros :
  • Quality components
  • Budget-friendly
  • Attractive design
  • Built with safety measures like quality grip tape, concave deck etc.
Cons :
  • Bearings need to be upgraded for a smoother ride

Our Opinion :

If you are looking to buy skateboards that is pretty alright with the quality and friendly with the budget, then this is the go-to for you. It is built with standard quality components although bearings might need to be customized to make it completely worthy.

check price - good skateboards for beginners

9. Krown Rookie Green Smoke

Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard- good skateboards for beginners

We have enlisted another product from Krown in our top 10 skateboards list for beginners. With Rookie Green Smoke, Krown has justified their motto of providing quality skateboards on a budget. Whether you are a beginner or not this skateboard is there to meet your needs.

Features :

  • Canadian Maple Construction
  • Standard deck size with modern concave design
  • Aluminum trucks
  • Black grip

What Do Customers Have to Say :

It got a fair number of good reviews but at the same time, people became critical regarding its trucks and wheels. Other than that it serves the purpose quite well. It has an average rating of 4 out of 5.

One of the verified Amazon Customer found its ride really easy and smooth. He had been heavily using it for commuting since the beginning yet it still has a decent performance.

Pros :
  • Professional assembly
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Attractive design
Cons :
  • Trucks are improperly mounted
  • Wheels also need to be upgraded

Our Opinion :

When it comes to beginner skateboards for, then something from Krown deserves to be on the list. Krown is a very reliable brand for their budget products. Starting skateboarding with Krown Rookie is not a bad choice, but you need to upgrade the trucks and wheels to get a better experience.

check price - good skateboards for beginners


10. Krown Rookie Checker

Krown Rookie Checker Skateboard- good skateboards for beginners

Krown is a reliable brand and its skateboards are well sought among starters. Rookie checker is one of their popular products for its budget price. Standard dimension of the board, aluminum trucks, and precision bearings make it a decent choice if you just want to make yourself familiarize with the world of skateboarding.

Modern concave design with extra pop makes it easier to learn tricks. If you are experimental and want to start skateboarding as a hobby then this one might be for you.

Features :

  • A budget skateboard with a standard quality
  • Well sized maple deck of 31.5’’ x 7.75’’
  • Narrow and lightweight
  • Aluminum alloy trucks

What Do Customers Have to Say :

In terms of buying a beginner skateboard, Krown Rookie Checker got mostly positive reviews due to its cost-effectiveness. It shows customers think it is a good deal for starters. It has an average rating of 4 out of 5 which is pretty decent.

Customer Beth Getz who gifted this to his son who began skateboarding with this is happy with its performance as his son learned to ride skates with it and actively doing it since.

Pros :
  • Excellent for the budget price
  • Standard dimensions
  • Narrow and lightweight
  • Modern concave design for comfortable riding
Cons :
  • Pretty ordinarily built

Our Opinion :

It is a good choice for the beginners but if you are too critical about the quality and durability of the product then you might go for the other one from the list.

check price - good skateboards for beginners

Final Words :

We hope our honest and sincere observations have helped you so far to decide your ultimate skateboard. To get you through some final tips for concluding the article we want you to ask yourself some questions before you buy a board-

  • What kind of skateboarding you are planning for? Is it simply cruising around a mostly flat area for fun? A large deck board is a solution for you.
  • Are you looking to learn tricks and stunts? A double-kick skateboard will be the best option for you.
  • Haven’t you decided anything yet? A classic skateboard is perfect for you as you are not really sure what to do and want it just yet.

Similarly, if you go on asking yourself questions like these as in what special features you are looking for? Do you need a wider deck for adjusting large feet? Do you want bigger wheels for a stable ride or smaller ones for tricks? You will see your options are being narrowed down to finally come up with your desired one.

Finally, if you are a beginner who doesn’t know where to start is to simply choose a reputed brand product with good reviews which has a deck that is wider than most. The wider the deck is, the easier it will be to learn skateboarding. This is a great way to learn if you are yet to hop on board.


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