About Us

Skate Fancy – We Review Skateboards, We Guide Skateboarding. Do not Just Fancy Skating, Do It With Us!

We say what we like. We are a team of skateboarders dream to see every one skateboarding. It is our love for this extreme sport that makes us research for hours to get you with the best reviews and guides for your ideal skateboard. Honesty and sincerity are the keys we use to open the world of skateboarding for you.

Whether you are someone to step into this world for fun or someone who wants to be a professional, or you may be someone who wants it for your kids; no matter who you are or which kind of skateboard you want; what we know is you are someone who feels skateboarding is interesting and who thinks to get one and start doing it.

We are a team of skateboarders having contacts with some of the best in the business; we get to know the ins and outs of the skateboard market. This helps us to review the skateboards with great integrity and also recommend the best ones having proper technical knowledge.

So look for us here for anything related to skateboarding. We know what your demands are, whether you a want a complete skateboard or a penny cruiser, we have all the solutions for you. Maybe want something like budget skateboards or pro skateboards or anything, just anything. We skateboard lovers are ready for everything to guide you.

It would be wrong to say skateboarding is our hobby because we have taken it professionally but at the same time it would be correct to say that our only hobby is skateboarding because we do not do it only for coins. We fancy skating, we do it with pride.

The passion we have for skateboarding forces us to dream skateboarding for everyone. We want to transmit our passion to everyone through our well-thought reviews and guides. Most people want to get it starting but lose their way in the middle for the lack of guidelines.

They often get confused about which category of skateboarding they fit or which one to buy as there are lots of muds around. We try our best to clear the mud and get you the most realistic picture of the scenario. We understand your demands and specifications better, we know how much do you fancy skateboarding, we just help you to get one.