Toddlers Skateboard

Is it too early to buy a mini skateboard as a parent? Well, maybe its better to be early if you want your mini skateboard to do great skateboarding in the future. You may be realizing how enthusiastic your child has become towards different sports and games, especially skateboarding. Learning to skates is not only fun but also a way of training and exercise for your child at this very age.

Parents feel that this is the sport through which they can introduce their child with the emotion like dedication, persistence and focus from the very beginning of their life. It could also be a very useful way of getting your kid off those tabs and take him or her into the fresh air. Nevertheless, this is a thrilling yet dangerous sport which needs close parental supervision until your child becomes 8 years.

Apart from the supervision you also want to ensure a safe learning platform by choosing from the best skateboard. This might not be the easiest of the tasks to choose one yet we hope to guide you correctly for getting you the right skateboard.

Best Mini Skateboards For Toddlers

In this guide, we will be looking at the list of best toddlers mini skateboards which possess great skateboard features yet belong more to a toddler or kids category.  But before that, we would like you to ponder upon a few questions to find the helpful answers for choosing your desired skateboard.

The questions you should ask yourself are:

1. What kind of skateboards to buy for such a small kid?

As we are looking for toddlers skateboard, then it’s obvious to go for mini cruiser skateboards which actually come in small sizes compared to the regular ones. The more specific dimension would be 22’’ x 6’’. These are the complete skateboards with no grip tape. They are also made of the plastic.

You just want your child to balance and roll if it’s below 3 years whereas exact 3 years children can learn the basics of pushing and balancing. These plastic made mini cruiser can suffice these needs for the toddler stage and also work well for the later stages of their life.

2. Which specs should I consider to buy toddlers skateboard?

You must be thinking about the specs to look for buying the right skate for your little kid. The basic thing about this would be to ensure the safety of your child while skateboarding. That leads us to some specs you need as in

  • Plastic made a flexible deck
  • Compact size
  • High-quality components such as wheels, trucks, and bearings
  • Finally, an attractive and childish looking design that looks more like a toddlers skateboard
  • Excluded to the board you will need the protective gear set like knee pad, elbow pad, helmets etc. to ensure a safe experience for your toddler

3. How much money am I expected to pay? 

Budget is always an issue for any kind of purchase. But in this case, it’s not important to pay much money rather go for the mediocre ones as there are some good value products available.

You just need to make sure it meets all the requirements and built with decent quality. You can buy a good skateboard within a budget of 20$-50$.

4. Should I consider the reviews and ratings before I buy one?

Well, I guess that’s why you are here. Reviews or ratings give you a good idea about the user experience of the product. We have tried our best to make this review guide efficient with some real user experiences and reviews.

5. What should I not do when buying a toddlers skateboard?

So far, we have been talking about the do’s for choosing one from the list of best mini skateboards for toddlers now we’ll discuss some of the don’ts on the topic

  • Do not go cheap: Going too cheap might be an unsafe option, and may prove to be unrideable at times.
  • Don’t go for longboards or regular size skateboards: Longboards and regular size skateboards are not suitable for your kid and they will not be able to balance for its heavy weight and large size.
  • Don’t buy dull looking designs: Design is an important factor for kids so any dull or boring design can let him down towards skateboarding.

This question-answer section will help you pick one from our list of 5 best mini skateboards for toddlers that we have generated after doing thorough research on this. Before getting into the details, let’s have a look at the names of the skateboards below

  1. Fisher Price Grow Pro Skateboard
  2. Playshion Complete 22” Mini Cruiser Skateboard
  3. Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard
  4. MEKETEC Skateboards Complete 22 Inch
  5. Lets funny Skateboard 22 Inch Complete Skateboard

In-Depth Review :

Now its time to move to the in-depth review of the names we listed in best toddlers skateboard. We will be discussing the features, reasons why you should buy this, what the shortcomings are, what do customers say about the product and finally what do we say about the product to make this convenient for you while buying the best skateboard for your little kid.

1. Fisher Price Grow Pro Skateboard


Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro 3-in-1 Skateboard - toddlers skateboard

Product Description :

Keeping in mind about the specs for a toddlers skateboard, this is simply the one of a kind skateboard to top our list. The manufacturers have designed it the way they say ‘Grows with your child’, which truly applies for this toddles skateboard that grows with your toddler.

It has all the necessary specifications you want in your toddler’s first skateboard. It uses 3 stage method where firstly, you find a handle to get your child balanced for skateboard learning, secondly, you can remove the handles for hands-free skateboarding, and finally, you can raise the height-adjustable wheels for pro riding.

This 3-in-1 is the best skateboard for your toddler to get the fun rolling. To get to know more of this here are some features –

  • Standard size plastic deck
  • Comes with the removable handle for basic balancing
  • Adjustable wheels and deck height
  • Designed for kids and toddlers

Why You Should Buy This :

  • DESIGN: Its built is completely suitable for toddlers, even that grows with your kid for its multipurpose design.
  • HANDLE: The removable handle gives a sense of security and balance for the toddler.
  • EASY TO CONVERT: It’s very easy to convert with regards to add or remove the handle, sliding wheels in or out or adjust the height depending upon the riding level your kid is in.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: A great height adjustable skateboard deck that’s set low to the ground for primary balance and stability.
  • VALUE: This skateboard is a great value for the price. Its mediocre range makes it a gem of a choice to be the toddlers skateboard.

What Shortcomings You May Find :

  • The complete delivery of the product is an issue for some. So, ensure a complete product delivery containing all the parts while purchasing.

What Do Customers Say :

You might be wondering about what the customer experience is like. Well, It looks to be a decent response coming from the customers who bought this product. An average rating of 4 out of 5 stars is pretty good.

Amazon verified customer Lynn is a happy customer who bought it for his 2 years old grandson who is loving it and now using it to learn balance and roll. 

What Do We Say :

This is one of a kind if you are planning to buy a skateboard that has extra balance and safety measures for being the ideal toddlers skateboard. You only need to make sure that it comes with all the parts and accessories while purchasing.

check price - toddlers skateboard

2. Playshion Complete 22” Mini Cruiser Skateboard


Playshion Complete Mini Cruiser - toddlers skateboard

Product Description

Playshion mini cruiser skateboard is smaller than traditional skateboard which will be perfectly suited to you toddler. This compact and lightweight board is easy to take anywhere.

This is a great one for your kid to ride down the hill smoothly and quietly. It’s a great little board comes in a variety of colors that suits as the toddlers skateboard.

It comes with some of the following features –

  • Fiberglass and polypropylene material
  • High rebound PU wheels
  • Aluminum trucks
  • ABEC 9 bearings made of ‘Bearings Steel’ comes with Oiled and nylon ball cages

Why You Should Buy This :

  • GREAT MATERIAL: Fiberglass and polypropylene material
  • COMPACT DECK: Sturdy and compact anti-slip deck
  • SOFTER WHEELS: Larger and softer wheels for smooth riding
  • RESPONSIVE BUSHINGS: High-responsive bushings for easy steering
  • SPEEDY BEARINGS: Smoother and speedy bearings
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Lightweight and perfect sized mini cruiser for kids

What Shortcomings You May Find :

  • Bearings of the skateboard might need to upgrade

What Do Customers Say :

This is a great mini cruiser, especially for the toddlers. Customers also find it very useful and an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars rating speak it all.

Happy Amazon Customers found it as a nice little skateboard for her little daughter who daughter and found no issues with it.

What Do We Say :

It would be a great choice if your toddler is around 3yo. It’s beautiful and compact design surely makes this one of the best toddlers skateboard.

check price - toddlers skateboard

3. Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard 22″ x 6″ Retro Style Plastic Board

Letsfunny Skateboard - toddlers skateboard

Product Description :

Start skateboarding with Skatro Mini Cruiser is a smart choice to make for your toddlers skateboard. The Skatro Board is amazing not only for its performance but also for its stylish design.

Its super flexible plastic deck and other components show great integrity in construction which makes it a safe learning platform for your child. Even you can ride it while teaching the basics of skateboarding to your toddler.

It comes with some great features, some of which are

  • The Skatro Board measures 22″ x 6″ inches ensures optimal flex through an exclusive Skatro Technology called ‘SkatroFlexy Technology’
  • It comes with 3″ aluminum trucks
  • Urethane high-performance wheels and ultra speed ABEC- 7 steel bearings.

Why You Should Buy This :

  • EXCLUSIVE MANUFACTURING PROCESS- The management team at Skatro have developed a manufacturing process ‘SkatroFlexy Technology’ that ensures the board has the perfect amount of flex so that it can absorb bumps on the terrain and gives you a ride quality that blows away the competition.
  • AMAZING VALUE – Skatro provides amazing value for the price that makes you look no further for a superior skateboard for least of the price.
  • PERFORMANCE – 59mm larger wheels and ‘Bearing Steel’ ABEC 7 bearings ensure a balanced ride for your toddler. They do not outsource any part, as a result, it provides great Harmony in the performance.
  • GREAT PACKAGE – It’s a great package of kids alike design and high-performance components, a free T-tool comes as a bonus for smoother turns and great riding experience.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction at its best.

What Shortcomings You May Find :

  • Not suitable for kids below 3yo.
  • Bearings might be an issue and need up gradation.

What Do Customers Say :

Skatro gets a great average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. It shows people are very satisfied with its performance. That is why it is in our list of best mini skateboards for toddlers

Happy customer Janette Colon praises it for its lightweight and recommended it to those who are looking for a skateboard for their beginner kids.

check price - toddlers skateboard

4. MEKETEC Complete Skateboards 22″ Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard

MEKETEC Skateboards Complete - toddlers skateboard

Product Description :

This fully assembled complete board is ready-to-ride toddlers skateboard. Compact and the lightweight mini cruiser is suitable for kids of almost all ages. This plastic cruiser is the best choice to buy your toddler’s first skateboard.

Surely it will be a joy to your kid and you as well. This beautiful looking board comes with a high-quality deck, trucks, wheels, and bearings at a great price.

Some of the features related to the products are

  • Beautifully designed with colorful trucks
  • 22’’ x 6’’ wide deck, 60mm PU wheels, and ABEC 7 high-speed bearings for great performance
  • 5’’ aluminum trucks
  • Great value for the price
  • CE certified

Why Should You Buy This :

  • SUITABILITY: Suitable for every age range including toddlers
  • DESIGN: Colorful trucks with beautiful design
  • PERFORMANCE: Wide deck, super smooth wheels, and high-speed bearings ensure great performance
  • SAFETY: Most importantly this is a safe one for your kid, CE certification actually certifies its built quality

What Shortcomings You May Find :

  • It could be an average performer for some yet considering the price its worth of the value.

What Customers’ Are Saying :

It seems to be a well rated mini skateboard. It has a good average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Most of its customers have bought it for their children as a gift or way of learning skates. Either way, they seem satisfactory.

Amazon Customer MS Kim is pretty happy who bought it for her child and it seemed absolutely loveable.

What Do We Say :

It is an attractive looking skateboard that you can buy for your toddler. Besides, It seems to be quite good in quality and safety measurements so we cannot be too critical not to keep this in the list of best mini skateboards for toddlers.

check price - toddlers skateboard

5. Letsfunny Skateboard 22″ with Colorful Light Up Wheels Banana Complete Skateboard

Letsfunny Skateboard - toddlers skateboard

Product Description :

These mini skateboards are perfect giveaways for your toddler’s birthday party. From the name, you can understand how suited it can be as a toddlers skateboard.

It is smaller than traditional style skateboard and perfectly suited for the kids and toddlers around 3yo also it is colorful compact mini skateboard great for your kid’s beginning to these extreme sports. This skateboard safe and reliable as to make sure your kid gets safe learning along with the superior performance.

It comes with some features like –

  • Colorful Design with multi-color light-up wheels
  • Small and compact deck for better control while riding
  • Sturdy deck made of durable material and anti-slip feature
  • Super smooth PU wheels and high-speed bearings
  • Multiple certifications

Why Should You Buy This :

  • SUITABILITY: Suitable for all ages even for the toddlers
  • DESIGN: Colorful design makes it worthy of a choice for your toddler.
  • COMPACT: A compact body size that suits best for your toddler
  • PERFORMANCE: Sturdy deck, super smooth wheels, and high-speed bearings ensure superior performance that sustains till your kid grows
  • SAFETY: It’s a reliable skateboard comes with proper safety measures in the design.
  • GUARANTEE: The manufacturer provides after sales guarantee for any kind of dissatisfaction to the product.

What Shortcomings You May Find :

  • Light-up wheels might not work properly at times though this is not a big problem

What Do Customers Say :

It has a good average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. Customers show a good reaction to the design and the quality of the board.

One of the happy Amazon customers finds it awesome and thinks it is a brilliant made one with light up wheels and is a good buy after all.

What Do We Say :

It is one of the very few quality skateboards you can choose for the toddlers. Considering its price and quality it seems to be worthy of a choice for us to keep it in the list for best mini skateboards for toddlers.

check price - toddlers skateboard