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Penny Board Vs Skateboard

Skateboarding is one of the most exciting and fun sports. Seeing the buzz skateboarding creates around, you might be excited to learn this sports but also confused about which skateboard to get started with.

In this consequence, you may have come across listening about penny board vs. skateboard competition and you really want to find out which one really suits you best. Fortunately, we are here to guide you through our article in discovering all the insights of Penny Board and Skateboard.

Penny Board vs Skateboard : Which One Suits You Best


Before getting into any details let’s look at the comparison table to get a brief idea about penny board vs skateboard :

Comparison SubjectPenny BoardSkateboard
SizeCompact sizeSlightly large
Deck7-ply maple woodHigh molded plastic
WeightLightweightSlightly heavier
Suitable forKids and who wants skateboard only to commuteAll skill levels and multipurpose use
TricksDue to the small size doing tricks are difficultDoing tricks is easier in skate parks or U-ramps
PriceSlightly expensiveAvailable in a wide price range
DisadvantageLimited purposeHeavier than penny board

Skateboards Explained :

It refers to the very common and standard sports equipment used in skateboarding sport. It usually comes with a specially-designed deck made of maple wood and PU coating. These components and materials are known for promoting a high level of durability and smoother slides.

The majority of skateboards consist up to seven plies of high-quality Canadian Maple wood with a polyurethane coating. It comes with a deck, wheels, bearings, trucks, and bushings. The deck is the particular part of the skateboard on which you use for standing on.

The common deck used in most types of skateboards come with a concave shape design with the nose and tail being upturned so that the rider gets full control over the board while riding and doing tricks. The most common deck sizes for a skateboard are 31 inches or 32 inches. Sizes may vary slightly depending upon the manufacturer.

Skateboards are available in different designs, patterns, and colors keeping in mind about different customer demand and specifications. They are suitable for almost all eligible skateboarder of all skill levels. It may seem slightly larger for the kids but even they can manage themselves for its convenient deck design.

Penny Boards Explained :

Penny board is another plastic made board that which is a very popular equipment for skateboarding among modern skaters. It has become extremely favorite to skateboarders as a short-cruiser in the skateboarding field. It is available as a fully assembled complete skateboard or you can get multiple different parts made separately to assemble later by yourself.

They are the one of the lightest skateboard available as they are made of plastic material. However, they are sturdy enough despite the lightness.

The penny board is available in different designs and colors making it largely popular among young teens and adults. It can even survive a car’s full weight still returning to its original shape.

Now that you have an impression about what a penny board or a skateboard really is, it’s time look at the advantage and disadvantages they have against each other. Hopefully, the following section will be able to answer your questions like what exactly is the most suited board for you or if it is easy for you to ride.

Advantages of Penny Board vs Skateboard :

  • Lightweight and Portable – The fact that a penny board is portable and lightweight means you can take it anywhere having it easily fitted in your backpack. This compact size skateboard is suitable for almost everyone.
  • Great for kids – Due to the compact size of the penny board, it is one of the best skateboards for the kids whether they are a newbie or already knows skateboarding, especially the first-timers can have an easy roll with it. Proportionately bigger wheels are good for balancing and managing curbs and cracks while being a newbie in skateboarding.
  • Stable for High-Speed Cruising – You can have stable riding while cruising at high-speed using a penny board. It is also well known for its a truck with a better construction suitable for cruising due to its center of gravity and axle angle.

Disadvantages of Penny Board vs Skateboard :

  • Price – It is not a multipurpose skateboard, so considering this fact the price seems to be slightly higher for such a compact size board. You expect something to be less expensive than the regular skateboards since their size is compact and purpose is limited. Eventually, you find the price tag to be a bit steep.
  • Level of Difficulty – It is comparatively difficult to skate because of its small area. If you have larger feet then they might barely fit.
  • Difficult to Do Tricks – One of its major downsides is that the penny board is only purposed for commuting. Because of its limited size and mobility, you cannot maneuver it properly for doing tricks at the skating rink. But if commuting is the sole purpose you want to have a skateboard for then you have an easy choice to make.

Advantages of Skateboard vs Penny Board :

  • Deck – The deck of a regular skateboard is the one to get the most benefit for its high-quality construction, larger size and concave design making it absolutely perfect for teens and adults of all skill levels.
  • Great for beginners Due to the large and concave deck these boards are ideal for the beginners. They are generally made of quality materials and come with quality components for giving an extra safe platform for the beginners.
  • Doing Tricks Skateboards are suitable for almost every style of riding but they are well known for riding in the skate park or U-ramps where the extreme skaters love doing tricks. The great steering ability makes them perfect for learning and doing tricks and turns.
  • Price – They are available in a wide range of cost making them affordable for everyone. You can buy a decent quality skateboard for as low as $20.

Disadvantages of Skateboard vs Penny Board :

  • Less Suitable for Kids – Due to its large size skateboards may seem to be less suitable for kids as they might struggle to handle it properly. Although you see kids riding these skateboards with ease.
  • Less Portable – As you can understand these skateboards are not compact hence they are not easily portable. They might feel like a bit heavier if you compare them to the penny boards regarding the weight.

Buyers Guide :

There are a few things you need to be careful of while picking your board. Its important to understand them to be able to pick the right board and make it most out of it for your fun experience.

Start by asking yourself some questions like –

  • Who are you planning it for? Is it a beginner or an adult or a kid?
  • Why are you planning it for? Regular commuting or doing skatepark tricks?
  • How much budget you are ready to spend to get one?

Answering these questions sequentially can help you choose between a penny board and skateboard. Here is how we can help you.

If you are a teen or an adult looking to begin skateboarding then you should go for regular skateboards as they will be more suitable to your body shapes. But in case you want it for your kid then the best option to go for penny boards.

Regarding the purpose, if you are planning to use it while getting to work or school then penny boards are the best solution for you. On the other side, if you plan to get one for doing tricks in the skatepark then you have no option but o go for the skateboards.

Finally, when it comes to the budget, you should note that penny boards are slightly expensive considering their size and limited purpose. Although they are still the best choice for regular commuters as they are the most lightweight and portable ones. But if you fall short on budget and have some other plans, then skateboards offer a variety of budgets and designs making them affordable for you.

Nevertheless, if you can afford it then one option could be to get one of each! It’s great to have the variety and its also achievable. We hope you are free of confusions now and also decisive about the competition of the penny board vs skateboard. Hopefully, you found this article helpful while doing so.

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