Old School Skateboards

Old School Skateboards

Old school skateboards are the vintage style skateboards that people used to ride way back when the skateboarding was a bit more than a concept. The skateboarding sports dates back to the late ’40s when it started its journey and later went into becoming popular in the ’70s and ’80s. From ’90s different genres and styles of this sport came into play and the design remains almost the same as now.

We can refer the skateboards before this period to be the old school skateboards. The differences those had compared to the new style skateboards are:
  • Deck: Old school skateboards deck used to be 8”-10”or wider unlike the new narrow ones with the width of 7.5”-8”
  • Deck Shape: Vintage skateboard decks used to be flat concave or mild concave not like the ones with deeper concave today.
  • Suitable: The old school skateboards are great for skating in ramps, skate pools, or cruising whereas the regular skateboards are good for tricks.

The old school skateboards are available in three versions such as the truly vintage skateboards, reissued ones, and the newly manufactured old schoolers.

Three of them are great to date you back to the glorious early days of skateboarding. We have created a list of best old school complete skateboards with a blending from all three categories.

1. Moose Old School Complete Skateboard

Moose Old School Complete Skateboard - old school skateboards

It’s a great old school skateboard with concave design, wider and longer grippy deck, and harder wheels. These make it an absolute classic vintage skateboard for those who want to cruise or do skating in pools and parks.

The deck of the board may seem to be the simplest one but other than this, it comes with all highly configured components that deservingly makes it top the list.

Highlights :
  • Width: 10-inches
  • Length: 33-inches
  • Deck Shape: Classic old school style, mild concave
  • Deck Material: Canadian maple
  • Wheels: Harder wheels
  • Grip Tape: Pre-taped
  • Trucks: 9″ trucks
  • Wheels: 58mm  harder wheels
  • Bearings: ABEC 5 bearings
  • Grip Tape: Pre-taped
Pros :
  • Great for cruising and hit the skate pools and parks
  • Customizable deck
  • Grippy concave deck
  • Harder wheels for a faster ride
Cons :
  • Bushings need replacement
  • Harder wheels not suitable for skating on roads

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2. Santa Cruz Roskopp Face Complete Skateboard

Santa Cruz Old School Skateboard Complete - old school skateboards

This is another 80’s style classic skateboard great for ‘cruising’ as you can realize from the name. Comes with a longer deck and super smooth and soft slimeball wheels for cruising even in the streets. Slimeball keeps you sliding without making any damage to the cool graphics.

Highlights :
  • Length: 31″
  • Width: 9.5″
  • Deck Shape: Square-shape with mild kicktail & nose
  • Deck Material: Maple Wood
  • Wheels: 60mm slimeball softer 78a wheels
  • Trucks: Krux trucks
  • Bearings: Precision bearings
  • Grip Tape: Pre-taped
Pros :
  • Excellent for cruising & park skating
  • Super smooth wheels
  • Slimeball rails protect the graphics
  • Krux trucks with marvelous cushion
Cons :
  • Relatively expensive
  • Bearings are low-quality

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3. Blank Color Complete Longboard Old School Shape

BLANK Color Complete Longboard - old school skateboards

This old-school longboard is the perfect one for you if you are looking for something with a longer and wider deck. It comes with mild concave and larger wheels providing a better balance while you are cruising along. It comes with a cool vintage design with high-performance construction build.

Highlights :
  • Length: 33″
  • Width: 10″
  • Deck Shape: Mild concave
  • Deck Material: Maple Wood
  • Wheels: 62mm wheels
  • Bearings: ABEC 5 bearings
  • Trucks: 6.5 inches polish hanger
  • Grip Tape: Pre-taped
Pros :
  • Big deck with mild concave for superior control
  • Larger wheels provide better stability
  • Cool black color
  • Great for cruising and surfing
Cons : 
  • Trucks are below standard
  • Slightly heavier

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4. Yocaher Old School Vintage Pro Complete Skateboard

yocher old school - old school skateboards

If you are a beginner looking to start your skating experience with an old skateboard, then no look further and get ready to be amazed at the awesomeness of Yocaher.

You cannot ask for a better setup with its mild concave deck, wide wheelbase, heavy-duty trucks and finally, its beautiful design that really holds the legacy of these old school skateboards.

Highlights :
  • Length: 33″
  • Width: 10″
  • Deck Shape: Mild concave
  • Deck Material: Maple Wood
  • Wheels: 62mm 78A softer Q-ball
  • Trucks: 8.625″ aluminum trucks with150mm hanger
  • Bearings: ABEC 7 chrome steel bearings
Pros :
  • Great for the beginner cruisers
  • Softer wheels good for rough surfaces who want to cruise
  • Nose is pointed for doing tricks easily
  • Beautiful graphics
Cons :
  • Not suitable for pro riders
  • Bearings aren’t much satisfactory

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5. Birdhouse Loy Old School Complete Skateboard

birdhouse love old school - old school skateboards

It’s always a plus to get a skateboard from a real professional brand owned by a professional skateboarder and this skateboard from Tony Hawk’s brand Loy is such one that you would just love to have. Well, you just cannot doubt anything coming from this dude Tony Hawk, he is such damn good at making skateboards.

He gets it perfectly right starting from the deck to the wheels and trucks. Thus this old-school skateboard is suitable for all level skateboarders.

Highlights :
  • Width: 8.38″, slightly narrower than others in the list
  • Length: 33”
  • Deck Material: Canadian maple
  • Deck Shape: Concave deck with extra pop
  • Trucks: Heavy-duty trucks
  • Bushings: High-rebound bushings
  • Wheels: 53mm medium-large wheels
  • Bearings: High-quality Skate Rated™ bearings
Pros :
  • A well-known skateboard that belongs to the famous skateboarder Tony Hawk’s brand ‘Loy’
  • High-quality components like trucks, bushings etc.
  • The narrower poppy deck makes it fun to ride
  • Ideal skateboard for all skill levels
Cons :
  • Pricier than others in the list

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6. Flybar Complete Beginner Skateboards Old School Shape

flybar complete - old school skateboards

This vintage style standard size skateboard comes with a concave deck making it easier for all skill level skaters, especially the beginner as it provides them with superior control while learning new tricks.

It is lightweight in nature and uses all top quality parts by the manufacturer. Now it’s time to show off your skating skills and be standout in the crowd with its exciting designs.

Highlights :
  • Width: 8″, relative narrow deck
  • Length: 31”, shorter deck with respect to old school skateboards
  • Deck Material: Canadian maple
  • Deck Shape: Concave deck with the right amount of pop
  • Trucks: 5” Heavy-duty aluminum trucks
  • Bushings: Medium to hard bushings
  • Wheels: 50mm 99a harder wheels
  • Bearings: High-quality ABEC 7 chrome bearings
Pros :
  • Weighs 5 pounds making it a relatively lightweight one
  • Top-quality parts with professional assembly making it perfect for riding out of the box
  • Harder wheels are great for learning tricks in the skatepark
  • Ideal skateboard for all range, especially the beginners
Cons :
  • Shipping needs supervision as arrival issues seem to  occur

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7. Globe CRUISER Old School Complete Skateboard

Santa Cruz Old School Skateboard - old school skateboards

Here we have another old school style cruiser from Globe. It comes with high-quality 8-ply resin deck and also the high-performance Slant T6 Trucks. Excellent wheel configuration helps you take this skateboard anywhere you want to ride regardless of the skill you possess It makes sure that the wider deck and wheelbase make skateboarding super fun.

Highlights :
  • Width: 9″
  • Length: 32”,
  • Deck Material: 8 ply Canadian maple with Resin Glue
  • Deck Shape: Concave deck
  • Trucks: Heavy-duty Slant T6 trucks
  • Bushings: Medium to hard bushings
  • Wheels: 60mm 95a wheels
  • Bearings: High-quality ABEC 7 bearings
Pros :
  • The wider deck provides stability
  • High-quality deck construction
  • Top-quality T6 trucks
  • Large medium-hard wheels make it suitable for all types of skateboarding
  • Beautiful vintage design
Cons :
  • Bearings may not perform satisfactorily

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8. CCS Skateboard Complete Old School Style

  CCS Skateboard Complete - old school skateboards

With the brand strength of CCS, excellent skateboard setup and classic old school design surely force you to choose this skateboard to begin the fun experience. This one is perfect for your tricks learning in the skateparks for its smaller and harder wheels.

The deck ensures you get a good balance while learning the skate tricks. The deck consist of quality construction and assemble with top-quality parts. All in all, a great skateboard for feeling the vintage style.

Highlights :
  • Width: 8+”, variable widths
  • Length: 32”
  • Deck Material: High-quality Canadian maple wood
  • Deck Shape: Vintage style deck
  • Trucks: 139mm raw silver trucks
  • Wheels: 52mm 100a wheels
  • Bearings: high quality and smooth ABEC 7 bearings
Pros :
  • It comes with a longer deck with variable widths you can choose from
  • Small and harder wheels for learning tricks and turns as a beginner
  • Affordable and comes with the brand strength of CCS
  • Classic design with color logo and stickers
Cons :
  • Some may find it difficult to balance for its harder and smaller wheels

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Old school skateboards actually know how you should start your skateboarding as it has gone through the gradual development. It can make you feel nostalgic even in this extreme sporting experience as you recall your memories of your father and grandfather riding those.

We hope this article has helped you to get one of the old school complete skateboards that not only gives you fun but also creates some magical emotions in your heart. Thank you for reading.


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