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Best Street Skateboards

Well, you may be someone who thinks skateboarding is not just fun and sports but a way of transportation as well. You find it very handy as you can take it into the streets and do it for city commuting to go either to the market or to the college campus.

This motivation behind your search helps us identify the specifications for your ideal skateboard. There are hundreds and hundreds of skateboards specified for different categories. Although it was a tough job to find you the ideal on among all this, we eventually managed to bring you some names that meet your requirements perfectly.

Best Street Skateboards

Before getting into the names we will just discuss few criteria we used in the quest for best street skateboards. Let us see some of these:

  • Deck: Deck is an important thing to consider in the best street skateboard. Both the larger deck or the mini cruiser compact deck can be useful but what matters is its built quality. It has to have a solid build construction like 7-ply or resin and should also consist of fresh material like Bamboo, Canadian maple or high-quality plastic.
  • Trucks: Trucks are always to consider to meet any specific demand. In this case, the trucks need be slightly higher and also the width should be proportional to the deck. Wider trucks with heavy-duty aluminum alloy are the one to choose before buying the right street skateboard.
  • Wheels: Wheels are one of the most important factors for choosing the best street skateboard. The size and the texture of the wheels matter the most. Slightly smaller wheels ranging from 50mm-59mm is better for street skating. The wheels should be softer as well like the durometer should be within 80A-95A, these wheels are mostly helpful for riders riding in the rough surfaces.
  • Bearings: Bearings are a big issue. As most of the times, you need to upgrade bearings for better performance.

Considering all of these factors we bring you the best street skateboards. This list is created keeping in mind about these factors which are important for a skateboard to be the best street skateboard.

1. SkateXS Beginner Pirate Street Skateboard


SkateXS Beginner Starboard Street Skateboard - best street skateboards

The SkateXS Beginner Pirate Street complete brings you the skateboard components meet skate shop standards. This is a high standard set up which provides young guns to take this to the garden for the first push and then get it into the streets when they know how to make most out of it. The size of this skateboard is according to the young skater’s specification so that they can have a balanced ride. Even kids and adults can ride it for its suitable construction.

It is a great choice for the ones who want to take skateboard as a way of transportation and commuting. It is a safe platform to ride on. The SkateXS bamboo deck is lightweight, durable, sustainable and environmental friendly as well. It consists building quality of professional standard and can be compared to any of such.

This Beginner Street Complete is professionally assembled by hand per order and comes ready to skate out of the box with the following components: –

Specs :

  • Deck: 28” x 7”, SkateXS Bamboo Performance Skateboard Deck –
  • Trucks: Polished Performance Aluminum Trucks
  • Bearings: Abec 7 Bearings
  • Wheels: 53mm 90A Wheels
  • Grip Tape: Jessup Grip Tape.
Pros :
  • High-performance bamboo deck
  • Compact size for young
  • Softer and smaller wheels for riding on the rough surfaces
  • High-quality grip tape
  • Comes with personalized colors and designs
Cons :
  • The deck is slightly shorter, not suitable for one who needs the big one.


2. Positive Team Complete Skateboards


POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards - best street skateboards

POSITIV skateboard is the most anticipated skateboard among skater. This is well known for its professionalism. With some great series of skateboards, they are proving their capability to produce skateboards for all kinds of specification. This skateboard consists of excellent components and assembled to professional standards.

This is a perfect skateboard you can ride in the street as this is made with heavy-duty material and procedure. Skateboarders like Rodney Jones, Andy Macdonald, and Sandro Dias gives the confidence of putting it in our list of best street skateboards.

Specs :

  • Deck: 32.125’’ x 8’’ concavely shaped large deck
  • Trucks: 7.625’’ POSITIV/Mini-logo trucks
  • Wheels: 54mm x 37mm 99a smaller and average soft wheels
  • Bearings: ABEC-9 steel bearings
Pros :
  • Exclusive Birch or maple construction with a process called AirLam which fuses multiple wood piles
  • High-quality POSITIVE or Mini-logo trucks
  • POSITIV Super High-Rebound wheels good for parks and streets
  • High-performance mini-logo bearings
  • Professional design
Cons :
  •  Product components like POSITIV trucks are not included to the board as described in product details.


3. Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard


Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Cruiser - best street skateboards

If you are just looking for a skateboard that is rideable anywhere for your everyday skating then Magento Mini Cruiser is undoubtedly the go-to one for you. Its great built quality take it to the next level of fun and sports.

This high-performance is perfectly suitable for young teens who want it to take into the street for doing some real jobs. It is extremely portable and durable which makes it one of your must-buy choices as the best street skateboard.

Specs :

  • Deck: 27.5’’ x 7.5’’ concavely shaped large deck
  • Trucks: 5’’ aluminum trucks
  • Wheels: 60mm 78a very soft wheels
  • Bearings: ABEC-7 bearings
Pros :
  • High-quality 6-ply Canadian maple construction. Extremely strong and durable.
  • Aluminum alloy trucks
  • slightly larger wheels and one of the softest wheel for skating anywhere especially rough surfaces like roads
  • high-quality ABEC bearings
  • Extremely bold and fashionable design for young teens
Cons :
  • Trucks and bearings could be an issue.


4. The WonderPlay Complete 26″ Skateboard


WonderPlay Complete - best street skateboards

WonderPlay skateboard is a great skateboard to have for its smoothness, lightweight, durability and safety measures. It is an ideal one to ride anywhere especially on the rough surfaces or its ChromeSteel small and soft wheels.

Specs :

  • Deck: 22” x 6” PP deck
  • Trucks: 5” metal trucks
  • Wheels:  60mm 85A small and soft chrome wheels
  • Bearings: ABEC-7
Pros :
  • High-quality fiberglass & PP deck
  • Complete and professionally assembled
  • Large and soft wheels to support skateboarding on a different street surface
  • Compact size, lightweight and portable
  • High-standard metal trucks
  • Harder and quieter bearings made of steel bearings
  • Good mini cruiser suitable for all skill levels
Cons :
  • Pretty ordinary design


5. RIMABLE Complete 22″ Skateboard

RIMABLE Complete - best street skateboards

If you are a mini cruiser lover who wants skate onto the streets then Rimble is the ultimate choice for. It architects street culture with the best street skateboards. It’s an Amazon bestseller which really shows how much customers are loving it.

It is high-standard skateboard built with high-quality components. Its super smooth soft wheels make it easier to ride on the roads. Its a great product for the price.

Specs :

  • Deck: 22’’ x 6’’
  • Trucks: 3’’ aluminum trucks
  • Wheels: 59mm 88A Urethane wheels
  • Bearings: ABEC-7
Pros :
  • Plastic deck made of 100% fresh material
  • Solid aluminum trucks
  • Larger & softer wheels for street skating
  • High-speed precision bearings
  • Fashionable design
Cons :
  • Need to replace the bearings


Final Words :

We hope we have suggested the best street skateboards that can meet your requirements. You can narrow this list down to a smaller one if you add some more criteria like budget, customer reviews, and ratings, brand strength etc. So we hope this info should be enough for you to rock the city with the best street skateboard.


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