Blank Skateboard Deck

Blank Skateboard Decks

If you love to skate your own way, that is even cooler to make a skateboard statement in your style. The signature that you want to write in skateboarding needs a canvas, which in this case is the blank skateboard decks. There is nothing more important than getting a quality skateboard deck as this is something you ride on.

Luckily, there are some great brands who provide you the coolest platforms for this extreme sports with their high-quality blank skateboard decks

You must be wondering which one you should go for and probably that’s the reason you are here. Just to narrow your list down we have decided to come up with the 10 best recommendations for blank skateboard decks in 2018.

But before looking into the top list of blank skateboard decks why not see some of the aspects related to it.

Aspects Related To Blank Skateboard Decks :

  • Reasons for buying a blank skateboard deck:

    Firstly, If you are on a budget and looking for something that may compromise with the look but not the quality then the blank skate decks are perfect for you. Secondly, the blank skateboard deck is something you can design yourself with the custom look and components.

  • How good is a blank skateboard deck:

    A good quality blank deck can be your best friend for this extreme sports. It’s the best way to learn skateboarding from scratch as you get the chance to learn to assemble components and customize it the way you want.

Now that you know why you want s a blank skateboard so it’s time to introduce you to the best blank skateboard decks.

1. Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck

Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck - blank skateboard decks

If you are fed up with the maple skateboard decks and want something more sturdy, flexible and lasts more than these bamboo made poppy decks will surely quench your thirst. The high-quality bamboo skateboard decks allow you to leave a mark of your own. One best thing about these boards is that their size just cannot run out. They have it in all sizes for you.

Pros :
  • Designed for performing some insane tricks with some extra pop.
  • More durable, flexible, and long lasting than maple wood
  • Environment-friendly
  • Comes in multiple sizes starting from 28” x 7” size dimension to 32.25 x 8.75”
Cons :
  • Slightly heavier than advertised

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2. Bamboo Skateboards Galaxy Series Cosmic Cloud Skateboard DeckBamboo Skateboards Galaxy Series Cosmic Cloud Skateboard Deck - blank skateboard decks

Another exciting skateboard deck from Bamboos’ Galaxy Series. As the name suggests, you will find that it is blank from the top but its design on the bottom has a great resemblance to the milky way galaxy and its mysteries like blasts of radiation, supernova wind, and cosmic cloud stars that they create.

This actually picturizes how big they aim for you in skateboarding being so close to nature. This actually is a next-generation deck with some ultra quality features for making it an extremely durable and high-performance one. You just cannot look further for its excellent concave nature providing you with excellent pop for doing some unreal stunts.

Pros :
  • Designed with extra large canvas making it more suitable for this extreme sports
  • 6-ply bamboo/maple hybrid decks that are very much environment-friendly
  • Deep-concave with more pop
  • Strong, reliable, durable, and also affordable
  • Color texture is lighter and non-carbonized
  • Water-based glue complying European Standard – EN71
Cons :
  • For some, wood may grind away a bit faster

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3. Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Decks
Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Decks - blank skateboard decks

BambooSk8, this how people love to call bamboo skateboards for providing such great skateboard decks. This Graphic deck from Bamboo does justice with their brand value. If you want something with more pop, lighter in weight, and durable for long-lasting use then you are probably going to look no further.

This has a great value for the price and you are just going to love it for doing extreme tricks easily for its concave design and that can help you to make your mark through it.

Pros :
  • High-quality 7-ply bamboo deck
  • More durable and flexible than the maple board
  • Environment-friendly
  • Great for doing tricks for its extra pop design
  • Comes with a signature design from bamboo on the bottom
Cons :
  • The design may seem different than the advertised product, just check it with the manufacturer.

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4. Moose Blank 8.25″ Skateboard Deck (Natural)Moose Blank 8.25″ Skateboard Deck (Natural) - blank skateboard decks

If you are a blank skateboard deck lover, then it’s less likely that you did not hear about the Moose skateboards. They are just wow with their construction and modern concave build design. It comes with some extra pop for its nose and tail featuring steep kick. Indeed they are awesome for shredding.

Pros :
  • 7-ply construction using 100% Canadian maple
  • Concave design with extra pop make it easier for tricks and turns
  • Suitable for skating anywhere whether it is park or street
  • Comes in a variety of sizes with a width ranging from 7” to 8.75”
  • Available in dipped and stained colors
Cons :
  • Vulnerable to heavy load

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5. Moose Blank Skateboard Deck (8.25”) – Dipped Black

Moose Blank Skateboard Deck - blank skateboard decks

Another Moose skateboard deck to enrich your skateboard arsenal. They are great for their purpose. If you just want to do some experiments on skateboarding then these affordable skateboards are something you surely want.

They are also made with maple wood and provide decent pop to get you started in skateboard tricks and turns learning.

Pros :
  • High-quality Canadian maple construct
  • Concave design with more pop
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable price
Cons :
  • Not designed for heavy-duty use and vulnerable to extra load and pressure

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MOOSE Blank SKATEBOARD DECK - blank skateboard decks

If you not sure what type of skating you really want to start with then it is always better to go for something that has a wide range of application. This skateboard deck from Moose can help you to achieve some basic skateboard techniques with its easiest poppy design.

They are light yet strong enough to hold you up for a great riding experience. This also needs mentioning that this is one few cheap blank skateboard decks we have in the list.

Pros :
  • high-quality Canadian maple construction
  • modern concave design with extra pop
  • Flexible, sturdy, and lightweight
  • brand strength of Moose
  • budget skateboard deck
Cons :
  • Durability seems to be an issue for heavy-duty performance

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7. Enjoi Panda Logo R7 Skateboard Deck

Enjoi Panda Logo R7 Skateboard Deck - blank skateboard decks

So its time to enjoy with an ‘i’ at the end. Enjoi is a big name in the field of skateboarding. Along with high-quality complete skateboards, they also offer some excellent skateboard decks to get you started. This moderately concave deck has a narrow width to provide better control over your ride.

These skateboards have a high-quality construction with Enjoi’s exclusive DSM technology designed by skateboarder for skateboarders. You can even buy all the skateboard accessories and components from Enjoi along with the deck to make it a complete skateboard.

Pros :
  • Professional design by pro skateboarders
  • Narrow and compact size deck for stable riding
  • Canadian maple construction
  • Beautiful R7 Panda Logo
Cons :
  • Some may not find this width comfortable

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8. Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck

Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck - blank skateboard decks

The vendor Blank Deck is intended to provide customizable blank decks for those look for something like this. These are very basic blank skateboard decks for you to get started in this beautiful sports.

With its decent quality and the extraordinary price you just cannot ask for anything more. It is very flexible and lightweight that helps you learn the basics of skateboarding easily.

Pros :
  • Budget skateboard
  • Decent quality
  • Extraordinary price
  • Flexible and lightweight skateboard for basic skateboard learning
Cons :
  • Not suitable for heavy use or rough treatment

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9. Welcomeget Maple DecksWelcomeget Maple Decks - blank skateboard decks

So far, it was all skateboard decks that regular skateboarders look for. Now, its time to consider the choices of the cruiser lovers. If you want to look cooler with a compact deck then this probably is the one you have been looking for. This has excellent craftsmanship and great build construction.

Pros :
  • Classic cruiser style deck
  • High-quality Canadian maple construction
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Good flexes with the popsicle shape
Cons :
  • It should have been lighter compared to its size
  • The size is not suitable for all

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10. Powell-Peralta Skateboard Flight Deck

Powell-Peralta Skateboard Flight Deck - blank skateboard decks

Powell-Peralta, originally owned by Skate One Corporation is one of the pioneers for manufacturing modern skateboards. It is one of the most premium quality skateboards we have on the list. You may think it to be less suitable in the list for its high-price and not so blank rather comes with a beautiful design.

It is here because we do not want to disappoint you in case you are looking for anything of this standard. This skateboard deck is undoubtedly the go-to for you if you have some more coins to count as it comes with all the ultimate feature like extra pop, sturdiness, and high-performance. Once you get it, you get it all.

Pros :
  • Brand strength of skate one
  • High-quality manufacturing
  • Ver much flexible
  • Allow amazing pop for making tricks easier
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
Cons :
  • Apart from little arrival issues, it’s all great

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If you are the one love to customize it your own way on a skateboard, then this list of best skateboards will surely help you to choose the right one. This list provides some diversely featured skateboards deck for your convenience in this procedure. We hope it has been a helpful one for you.

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