Can you get a Dui on a Skateboards

Can You Get A Dui On A Skateboard?

Whether during chills of winter or when the hot breeze of summer flows we all do possess some way to enjoy every bit of the weather and wish for viewing much of the inner beauty of mother nature. Ways of enjoying the weather and all seasons begin with going on a long drive, walking alone down the streets or by planning a trip to view water waves playing all tricks and dancing to the tune of the breeze near the seashore.

dui on a skateboard - Can you get a Dui on a Skateboard

However, do these ways of enjoyment and getting entertained last longer than just a day or two? No, I assure. You will get back to your usual routine again. The most concerning thing is about there is a slight chance of being charged because of your enjoyment as the law is always there to remind us to stay in our boundaries.

When you wish to enjoy under the moonlight at the terrace of your friend’s house enjoying the delicacy of the best red wine ever don’t you think while returning by your car all intoxicated and drowsy you will be getting DUI as the law enforcement spots well whoever violates laws that have been well endorsed.

Now, what is this DUI I have been repeatedly mentioning about? It is about this matter we will put our concerns about:

  • DUI which stands for “driving under influence” is the law that has been endorsed to penalize anyone who drinks and drives.
  • If the alcohol concentration in blood is above specific legal limit above because of which a person cannot be stable and conscious enough, such drivers if discovered will be punished by making them stay caged in jail as well as will be ordered to pay fine from 1,000 to up to 10,000 dollars.
  • The legal limit of alcohol blood content in short BAC is about 0.08%. The person exceeding this percentage of the limit will be straightly seen as a criminal with full proof of being weak enough for driving.
  • The law is bound to be followed for the welfare of citizens of the country as the road is not specifically owned by anyone or by any influential person.
  • This law applies for vehicles that are wheeled and run by a motor operating the system and also includes bicycles.

However, getting DUI does not apply on skating a skateboard it is applied only on riding motor operated vehicles which slightly triggers us and raises questions about it.

The reason for this is:

  • While getting drunk and intoxicated it is not possible for one to even stand to keep their vertebrates straight and while skating is all about balancing and riding to get over slopes and ride was a pretty good time covering a long distance if expert riders are doing so.
  • The vehicles that are powered by motors have enough capability of taking away lives if the driver drives recklessly without caring about the presence of people on road. Drinking driving risks not only the lives of people crossing roads or walking to reach their destinations it also risks the lives of other drivers that also drive along with other passengers in their own vehicles.
  • When cars including other vehicles are being driven on road they are following a line and if two cars get suddenly clashed a line of other cars will get clashed too because reaction time of a driver takes a few seconds that few seconds takes the cost of many valuable lives.

dui - Can you get a Dui on a Skateboard

Like people avoid skating if they are drunk and don’t get DUI that is the same rule that we all should follow while driving other vehicles, you are not only risking yours but also you will be bringing miseries to other families by killing them.

I know going to a friend’s house or arriving at a beach using a skateboard does not seem fine or even nice to hear, will cause many eyebrows to rise if this is heard by someone. But well getting fined or getting your bones and meat rotten in jail does not sound nice either and getting the tag of being a criminal sounds even worse.

Apart from going work which is obvious you won’t be getting drunk before you go there avoid using vehicles while arriving at a bar for night parties, as it is obvious you will wish to get back by driving your own car, for safety hire a cab instead and if you are worried about paying the rent then trust me the cost of the rent is not bigger than the money you will be ordered to pay penalty.

Can you get a Dui on a Skateboard? No matter how influential you are, the law is equal for all of the citizens. Other then the real issue of not getting a DUI because of riding a skateboard, skating helps one to actually spend their leisure time wisely.

Rather just partying hard or going on long drives with risks at the tip of falling between life and death when we over exceed the speed limit just for the pleasure of few seconds that we get because of the rush of adrenaline in our bellies, skating merrily by enjoying the environment and letting fresh air enter is a much better option.

It is true that skating does require a good amount of time to master the skill however it is worth it, it brings the opportunity to burn some of the calories that we develop because of our habit of staying indoors all entertained by modern technology.

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